Hayano Kanpei - One Hundred Roles of Baiko

Toyohara Kunichika

Hayano Kanpei is the fictitious name in the play for the real-life Kayano Sanpei, a young retainer of Asano's, who was caught in the dilemma of agreeing to be part of the revenge plot against Kira and then being offered into the service of another lord by his parents.  Trapped in a situation where he will either disgrace his family by not fulfilling their offer of his service or disgracing himself by not fulfilling his pledge of revenge, he commits suicide." "The (inset) Actor Iwai Hanshiro IV as Okaru in Act Seven of the Play Chushingura."

One Hundred Roles of Baiko - In 1893, Kunichika was commissioned to create the series "One Hundred Roles of Baiko," chronicling the diverse characters played by the famous actor Onoe Kikugoro V, whose pen name was "Baiko." These fantastic prints feature a large portrait of Kikugoro V in one of his major roles, along with a small scene showing a supporting actor from the same play. These exquisite images were printed to the highest standards, using expensive techniques and materials such as burnishing, embossing, and mica. Beautifully drawn and composed, each print demonstrates Kunichika's skill in creating expressive characters, bringing each role to life on the page. A great choice for a kabuki enthusiast or Kunichika collector.

Special detail - Burnishing on the black kimono collars and the beauty's black obi.

Date: 1893.

Publisher: Fukuda Kumajiro

Condition: Good color, margins as shown, backed on Edo era paper.