The Kozakura Restaurant

Toyokuni III and Hiroshige

Famous Restaurants of the Eastern Capital - Handsome print from a collaborative series by Toyokuni III and Hiroshige, published between 1852 and 1853. Toyokuni III created the large actor portraits in the foreground, with Hiroshige designing the smaller landscape and still-life insets relating to the featured restaurant or its location. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts has many of these images in its collection.


The Kozakura Restaurant: Iwai Hanshiro VI as Shirai Gonpachi, 1852 - Great design of Iwai Hanshiro VI as the rogue Shirai Gonpachi in the play "Seno-Kouta Yume-no Yoshiwara." Dressed as a traveling monk called a komuso, he looks over his shoulder with an astonished expression, his eyes wide and mouth agape. He wears a black monk's mantle over his floral and checked pattern kimono, a large woven basket hat in one hand and a shakuhachi flute visible at his back. His hair is pulled back into a thick topknot combed smoothly forward over his head, with longer locks at the side. The landscape by Hiroshige above shows Honcho 1-chome, with a wooden torii gate at left and a few pines framing a view of green hills. The inset at left for the Kozakura Restaurant shows a pair of chopsticks at the bottom removing a floating cup from a bowl of water. A terrific expressive portrait, detailed with embossing on the blue kimono collar.