The Matsumoto Restaurant at Fukagawa


From the series; Tokyo Restaurants with Some Fancy Dishes - Handsome print from Yoshitoshi's 1871 series depicting beauties, the "fancy dishes" of the clever series title, at various restaurants in Tokyo. Each image features entertainers or waitresses in carefully detailed architectural or garden settings, demonstrating Yoshitoshi's interest in Western-style perspective.

The series dates from the middle of Yoshitoshi's career, when he was about thirty-two. It thus dates from about fourteen years before his well-known masterpieces such as his great series "One Hundred Aspects of the Moon" (1885-1892), and "New Forms of Thirty-Six Ghosts" (often called simply "Thirty-Six Ghosts") (1889-1892).

Yoshitoshi's students assisted him with the designs, with each pupil receiving a name cartouche next to his. These charming illustrations offer a wonderful look inside the restaurants around Tokyo and the activities taking place throughout the day and night.


Condition: Print color saturation and overall condition is good. Margins as shown. No tears or holes. Print is backed with paper.

Publisher: Kobayashi Tetsujirô (Maruya Tetsujirô)

Date: 1878