Shops Selling Tororo Soup, a Famous Product of Mariko

Ando Hiroshige

Series; Pictures of Famous Places on the Fifty-three Stations (Vertical Tokaido).  Selling the Famous Yam Soup at the Station (Mariko, Ekichū meibutsu tororojiru o hisagu)
鞠子 駅中名物とろゝ汁をひさぐ

Hiroshige's fantastic vertical Tokaido series was done in 1855 and represents a further evolution of his landscape design style, including some of his most modern designs. The concept for the vertical Tokaido grew out of the incredible popularity of the Hoeido Tokaido (his first Tokaido series). Hiroshige wanted to expand on the theme, as the public was very interested in his fascinating images of life and travels along the most important thoroughfare in Japan- the road from Edo to Kyoto. From the urban center of Edo, where the journey began, to the beautiful rural landscape of the provinces more far away, the series is a set of breathtaking illustrations of Edo period Japan.

Publisher: Tsutaya Kichizō (Kōeidō)

Format: Vertical ōban

Date: 1855

Condition: Excellent condition, not backed.