Mirror of Demonic People, Good and Evil - “Sajima Tenkaku”

Toyohara Kunichika

From the series "Mirror of Demonic People, Good and Evil ". The actor Nakamura Shikan IV 中村芝翫[4] as the character Sajima Tenkaku. There are two different crests (kamon) on his kimono; one represents an amulet (Gion mamori) and was adopted by the progenitor of the Nakamura house of actors, Nakamura Utaemon I. According to John Dower in his guide to Japanese crests, The Elements of Japanese Design (1971), this crest was originally associated with the Yasaka Shrine, but during the Edo period, it also had an association with Christianity due to the hidden cross it contained. The other crest is associated with the Nakamura Shikan line within the Nakamura house; it represents the back of a plum blossom (uraume). 佐嶋 典覚 · 善悪鬼人鏡

Note wood grain visible in the background color.

Date: 1868

Publisher: Tsunoi 

Condition: Very good color and condition. Margins as shown, not backed.