Otsuyu - One Hundred Roles of Baiko

Toyohara Kunichika

Baiko is in the role of servant of Otsuyu holding peony lantern for her mistress. They died of infectious fever illness. But their ghosts are coming every night to visit Otsuyu's former lover Shinsaburo.

Upper Inset: Onoe Kikunojo plays Shinsaburo, who was frightened by the sound of wooden sandals which the ghosts wear.

One Hundred Roles of Baiko - In 1893, Kunichika was commissioned to create the series "One Hundred Roles of Baiko," chronicling the diverse characters played by the famous actor Onoe Kikugoro V, whose pen name was "Baiko." These fantastic prints feature a large portrait of Kikugoro V in one of his major roles, along with a small scene showing a supporting actor from the same play. These exquisite images were printed to the highest standards, using expensive techniques and materials such as burnishing, embossing, and mica.  

Date: 1893.

Publisher: Fukuda Kumajiro

Condition: Good color, margins as shown, backed on Edo era paper.